Generously supported by Hope D. Smith and Robert F. Smith, the Family Fellowship Scholarship Program is designed to provide foster youth with the necessary resources to pursue higher education. This program aims to advance the educational aspirations of foster youth by offering financial assistance and family-like emotional support.

The vision of the Family Fellowship is to transform the way foster youth are supported through their college journey. Our program emphasizes the need to innovate, explore, and discover new ways to elevate our young individuals for a modern workforce.

Foster Love is dedicated to providing scholarships for higher education to current and former foster youth, with the aim of addressing the national graduation success rates of this population which range from 3-11%. Our scholarship program offers each recipient up to $12,000 annually for a maximum of five years to ease the financial burden associated with pursuing a college degree.

Student Tuition


Up to five years of financial support to help with tuition, books, and tutors.



Monthly housing allowance as well as housing for summer and winter breaks.


Career Guidance

Professional development and life-skills support to help students prepare for success in today's modern workforce.



Emotional and wrap-around services to all fellows year around.

Application Process

Our Family Fellowship Program provides financial and emotional support to college-bound foster youth who are "aging out" of the system. We look for students who are committed to their education, determined to achieve personal and professional goals, and interested in building a community with their peers. We also seek students who are interested in developing leadership skills and breaking down barriers to help foster youth navigate college and life beyond. The program seeks youth pursuing undergraduate education at a college or university and pursuing degrees in STEM-related fields.

Meet Our Fellows

The Family Fellowship has supported over 50 college students from all across the nation. Our scholars are resilient, passionate, and driven individuals who look to make an impact in the world. Take a moment to meet our scholars and how they aim to defy the 3% college graduation success rate.

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