To qualify for Rapid Response services, the student must have:
  • Proof Of Urgency

    Students needs cannot be addressed through public/private funding available through the Referral Partner, college campus, or other campus support networks.

  • Proof Of Verified Referral

    Be referred by a verified college campus foster care support organization or government agency that has been pre-approved by the Rapid Response team. Students are not allowed to self-refer.

  • Proof Of College Enrollment

    Students must be referred by a college campus foster care support organization or a government agency that can verify the student's college enrollment. Documentation may include copies of your class schedule, college transcripts, or a letter of college acceptance.

  • Proof Of Foster Care Status

    Students must be working directly with a foster care liaison, college support group, or other agency workers who can verify the student's foster care status. Rapid Response will not ask for any personal student information for confidentiality purposes.

Verify If Your Campus Is A Referral Partner

Assistance Form

In order for students to access Rapid Response, the student must be affiliated with a college campus foster care support organization who has become an Authorized Referral Partner. Please contact your college campus foster care liaison for additional information. Please be advised that Rapid Response services are currently limited to authorized partners located in: California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Texas

If you seek assistance to identify a foster care liaison or foster care support program on your campus, please fill out the following information and a Rapid Response staff member will contact you with additional information.

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